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Commercial Services

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Cart Colors

GREEN cart
for compostables

GREY cart
for recyclables

for trash

Compostables Recyclables Trash


Compostables Recyclables Trash

Mandatory Recycling

The State of California and Alameda County Waste Management Authority (ACWMA) require businesses, institutions, and multi-family properties with 5+ units to sort their waste and implement recycling and organics collection programs. Contact Waste Management at 510-613-8700 for assistance with services.

  • AB 341: Requires recyclables be separated from the trash (landfill).
  • AB 1826: Requires organics be separated from the trash (landfill).
  • AB 827: Requires certain businesses to make labeled recycling and organics containers available to customers.
  • Alameda County Mandatory Recycling Ordinance: Requires businesses to implement recycling and organics collection services. ACWMA can impose fines for not having the required services and/or for not sorting waste properly.
    Visit for more information and support materials.

Waste Assessment - Free
Help maximize your service options & reduce trash. Determine the most cost-effective solid waste management options with a free on-site assessment from Waste Management. Select right-size containers for trash, recycling & compost to save your business money. Call (510) 613-8700 to schedule your assessment.

Reduced Rate Recycling/Compostables
Businesses generating two (2) cubic yards or less of trash a week are eligible for free recycling and compostables collection – for a total of 264 gallons in separated materials.

For businesses that generate more than two (2) cubic yards of trash per week, compostables and recycling services are available for 50% of regular garbage rates. Waste Management is the exclusive provider of this one-stop shop collection service.

Battery Recycling – Free
For Cart-based Recycling – place household batteries (AAA, AA, B, C, D & small button batteries), including rechargeable and cell phone batteries in a clear plastic bag, seal shut & tape to the top of the gray recyclables cart.

LampTracker Program
To protect your heath and the environment, California law requires compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and tubes be recycled. Waste Management offers a simple solution. Collect CFLs in LampTracker’s Mercury VaporLok bag and mail them back in the provided pre-paid postage box. It’s that easy. Available at

Indoor Containers offered at low or no cost by City of Emeryville
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