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Horse Manure

Horse manure left on the ground contributes to urban runoff pollution. This in turn contaminates the ocean, closes beaches, harms aquatic life and increases the risk of inland flooding by clogging gutters and catch basins. Urban runoff, propelled by rain and irrigation, carries pollutants through the storm drains and directly out into the ocean. Animal waste is a particularly harmful element of urban runoff because it contains bacteria that can make swimmers sick, and contains nutrients that can alter the delicate balance of our water’s ecosystem.

Horse Manure Recycling (Prices effective 7/2015 - 7/2016)

Horse manure pick-up is available to all RHE residents. Waste Management offers convenient weekly pick-up in six different sizes. Our operations team will work with you to design a collection point that is workable for both you and our equipment:

  Once Per Week
  Twice Per Week
45-gallon cart               $47.35   $77.97
64-gallon cart $53.54   $87.74
96-gallon cart $62.95   $107.49
1 cubic yard bin $104.33   $180.57
1.5 cubic yard bin $111.29   $194.44
2 cubic yard bin $118.23   $208.32

To order manure bins, please contact Customer Service.

What else you can do:

  • Design horse facilities to prevent runoff from reaching storm drains
  • Manage pastures to keep horses within properly fenced areas and away from environmentally sensitive areas
  • Manage grazing by rotating areas and keeping horses out of wet fields
  • Remove horse manure for recycling or dispose of properly at least once a week

For more information, visit: http://www.ci.rolling-hills-estates.ca.us/