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Residential Services

Residential Service

To ensure the health and safety of its citizens, the City of Santa Clarita requires each occupied residence to maintain weekly trash and recycling services. As the City of Santa Clarita's contracted service provider, Waste Management makes it easy for residents to dispose of their waste and recyclable items.

Single-Family Residential Service Overview

Waste Management provides a weekly service to residents. This service consists of the following:

1 - 96 Gallon
Trash Cart
1 - 96 Gallon
Recycling Cart 
1 - 96 Gallon
Green Waste Cart


Please set all carts out at curbside by 6:00 a.m. on your regularly scheduled service day. If your service day falls on a holiday, click here for the following service changes.  
Carts should be placed at curbside with the lid opening towards the street and side by side at least three feet apart and away from parked cars or other objects.

Extra Carts

Santa Clarita residents can add additional recycling and green waste carts (in 96 or 64 gallon sizes) - FREE of charge! Additional trash carts are also available upon request for a monthly charge of $13.71 per container. Contact Customer Service to learn more or place a cart order. 

Super Saver Program

Are you a super saver? Upon customer request, Waste Management will provide eligible residents with a 35-gallon Super Saver trash cart, in place of their 96-gallon trash cart. The monthly Super Saver rate is 20 percent less than standard residential service. Residents who opt for this service must return their larger trash cart. Ideal candidates for the Super Saver program only fill their current 96-gallon trash cart about 1/3 full on a weekly basis. To request a Super Saver cart, contact Customer Service.

Cart Weight Limits

To avoid having an overweight cart, or causing possible damage to the cart or truck, do not place rocks, concrete, brick or dirt in carts. Do not overfill or compact material in the cart. To prevent trash spillage, cart lids should be completely closed.

96-gallon Trash Cart: 250 lbs.
64-gallon Recycling Cart: 125 lbs.
64-gallon Green Waste Cart: 200 lbs.
Trash Bags: 35 lbs.

Note: If the cart is overweight, the driver will attempt to service it and notify the resident by leaving an Important Notice Tag attached to the cart. If, however, the driver is unable to empty the cart, the cart will be tagged overweight and the resident will need to lighten the contents for the following week's service.

Cart Maintenance & Repair 

Each resident is responsible for the cleaning and security of their trash and recycling carts. If your cart is damaged, destroyed or lost due to circumstances beyond your control, please contact Customer Service to request a repair or replacement. As a courtesy to your neighbor, please remove carts after service.

Prohibited Waste

Do not place the following hazardous waste materials in your cart: paint, oil, automotive batteries, tires, hot ashes, hazardous waste, E-waste, infectious waste and dead animals (weighing more than 10 lbs.). If these materials are found in the cart, it will be tagged and not serviced.

Special Services

Bulky Item Collection

Residential customers in Santa Clarita are entitled to four (4) free bulky item pick-ups, of no more than three (3) items each, per year at no additional charge. Please contact Customer Service at least 48 hours in advance of your regular service day to schedule items for pick-up.

Acceptable Bulky Items — furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, tires, tree branches, scrap wood, and sod
Unacceptable Bulky Items — household hazardous waste (such as paint, oil and batteries), spas, pianos, camper shells, items requiring more than two persons to safely handle

Additionally, bulky items, including electronic waste, can be dropped off at no charge at our Santa Clarita Yard located at 25772 Springbrook Road, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Extra Bag Pickup

In addition to your regular trash cart, residential customers may place up to three bags at curbside for pickup, up to eight times per year, at no additional charge. Please contact Customer Service at least 24 hours day prior to your regular service day to schedule the bags for pickup.

Sharps Home Delivery

Residents can safely dispose of needles, lancets, and other sharps from home using Waste Management's Sharps Mail Back Program. Contact Customer Service to order your FREE kit. Once delivered, simply fill the container and mail it back using the pre-paid postage label. Residents can receive one free Sharps Mail-Back container annually, with a second container available with a $5.00 co-pay. Additional containers within one calendar year are available for full price. Senior citizens can receive two containers free annually (limit one at a time), with the third available at a $5.00 co-pay. Additional containers within one calendar year are available for full price.

Manure Recycling

Recycling containers for residential customers disposing of manure are available at no addtional charge. Please contact Customer Service to request containers.

Holiday Tree Collection

Waste Management will collect and recycle unflocked trees curbside from December 26th through the second Saturday in January on residential customer's regular service day at no additional cost. We ask that trees longer than six (6) feet be cut in half. Please remove all decorations, including tinsel, lights, ornaments and tree stands before placing at the curb on your service day.

Managing your Account

Billing and Payments

Residential services and rates, as approved by the City of Santa Clarita, are billed on a monthly or quarterly basis by Waste Management. Customers can manage their accounts by the following methods: 

  • Website: Manage your account online by clicking on the the My Account tab at top of this page
  • WM Mobile App: Download the WM Mobile App for your Apple or Android device
  • Mail: Waste Management, P.O. Box 79168 - Phoenix, AZ 85062-9168
  • Walk-In: 25772 Springbrook Road, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Phone: Customer Service (661) 259-2398

Note: If paying by mail, please indicate your Waste Management Customer ID on your check and enclose the remittance slip with your payment. Missing remittance slips may result in a delay of payment application to your account. All returned checks are subject to a $25.00 service fee. All non-paying customers will be subject to a Re-Activation Fee (only if carts have been removed). Payments received after the due date will be charged up to 2% of customer's monthly rate.

Residential Monthly Service Rates - Effective July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 (Billed Quarterly)

Standard Residential Service - $22.50
Super Saver/Senior/Lifeline Program - $18.00
Additional Trash Cart - $13.71
Additional Green Waste or Recycling Cart - No Charge
Restart fee - $20.58 per instance

Multi-Family Monthly Service Rates - Effective July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 (Billed Monthly)

                          Number of Weekly Pickups
Container Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1.5 yd3 $68.78 $137.56 $206.34 $275.08 $343.87 $412.65 $481.42
2 yd3 $73.32 $146.61 $219.91 $293.24 $366.52 $439.82 $513.13
3 yd3 $82.37 $164.69 $247.09 $329.45 $411.79 $494.17 $576.52
4 yd3 $91.39 $182.85 $274.23 $365.64 $457.06 $548.50 $639.89

For customers requiring temporary bin or rolloff service, please contact Customer Service at (661) 259-2398.

Special Programs

Annual Prepayment

Customers that pay in advance for 11 months of service shall receive credit for the 12th month of service at the current rate. It is recommended that annual payments be made in July to coincide with the start of the new billing cycle.

Senior/Low-Income Resident

A senior citizen/low-income resident discount of 20% is available to residential customers that are either 60 years of age or older and are considered to be the head of their household, or qualify for and receive lifeline telephone service.

Bulk Billing

Customers in a mobile home park, condominium complex, or homeowners' association (HOA) can receive an 8% discount on all units when billed together, except for first unit billed. 

Green Waste Exemption

Customers who have a green waste exemption and do not have a green waste cart are eligible for a $2.00 per month discount. To qualify for a green waste exemption, contact the City of Santa Clarita's Enviromental Services Department at (661) 286-4098. To be eligible, residents must provide proof that green waste collection is not needed.