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Give Your Trash Another Life, Recycle Often and Recycle Right!

America Recycles Day Calendar Art Contest Winners
Illustrated by Temescal Valley Children
Sponsored by Keep America Beautiful and the Waste Management El Sobrante Landfill

1st Place: Kayla Baniaga, El Cerrito Middle School, 7th grade

In my picture, it means to me that when you recycle the right wastes, you are preventing recyclable materials being dumped in waste lands or preventing them from harming trees to make more paper or benches.  The bottom picture represents bad recycling being burned away. 

2nd Place: Molly Saruwatari, Todd Elementary School, 6th grade

I think it means that not all trash is trash.  Recyclables are like new born babies.  Put them in the recycle to give them life!

3rd Place: Haidyn Acheé, Todd Elementary School, 2nd grade

I think I like it because it goes in a pattern.


Madison Talley, Todd Elementary School, 6th grade

Samantha Arce, Temescal Valley Elementary School, 3rd grade

Katie Baniaga, El Cerrito Middle School, 7th grade

In the drawing, I made it with lots of color because I wanted other people to know, “Hey!  If you recycle, lots of goods would come out of it!  Instead of trashing the recyclable, put it where it belongs so it can be recreated!”

India Eastridge, El Cerrito Middle School, 7th grade   

“Giving trash another life” is important to me because we are a wasteful society and repurposing garbage benefits everyone.   Obviously the environment is spared from even more pollution, but it saves money that would’ve otherwise been spent making something they could’ve just used recycled materials for.  This is also why it’s so important to recycle correctly.

Caiden Grempel, Todd Elementary School, 2nd grade

I think recycling right is right because it is good for the environment.  The environment has to be clean.

Allie Nemeth, Temescal Valley Elementary School, 4th grade 

Tiffany Bachor, El Cerrito Middle School, 7th grade

The Earth has supplied us with enough materials to last millions or billions of years, that is only if we are smart with those materials.  Throwing a plastic water bottle in the trash is not being smart!  Be smart and let the world last!

Jack R. Talley, Todd Elementary School, 1st grade

Briana Gonzales, Todd Elementary School, 4th grade

I love my earth.  I want my world clean.  I want more animals more flowers and other beautiful things.  I love it to the moon and back!