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Bulky Items

Waste Management provides bulky item service throughout East San Diego County area - if you have a couch, bed or other large item that needs to be disposed of, contact us to pick it up. Please visit the section dedicated to your city for specific guidelines and information on special bulky item events.

Before you toss out your bulky items, check to make sure there isn't someone else in your community that could make use of it! Waste Management is a partner with Freecycle, an online network where members give away and get items for free in their own communities - rather than filling up our landfills with gently used items, find someone else in your community who could put it to good use!

Acceptable Bulky Items

A/C unit Desk Sink
BBQ (no propane Dishwasher Sofa
Basketball hoop (6 feet or less) File cabinet Spa cover (cut in half)
Bed frame Freezer Stove
Bookshelf Garage door motor/track Table
Boxspring Hutch Toilet
Bureau Ladder Washer
Cabinet Lawnmower (push type) Water Heater
Chair/recliner Mirrors (wrapped properly) Weight bench
Closet doors Mattress Wheelbarrow
Dresser Patio furniture Wood (6 feet or less,
Door Pool (kids' wading size) bundled)
Dryer Refrigerator

Acceptable Items with Special Handling

Gym sets - disassembled and bundled for easy handling
Swing sets - disassembled and bundled for easy handling
Carpet - cut down to 4 foot lengths and bundled (one roll)
Lumber/wood - one bundle, 6 feet or less and 12 inches in diameter

Unacceptable Bulky Items

Bathtubs Fenders Shopping carts
Batteries Garage doors Shower modules
Boats Glass Spas
Bricks Hazardous waste Stereos
Camper shells Microwaves Televisions
Car parts Pianos Tires
Computers Plywood Trailers
Concrete Pool tables Transmissions
Construction material Riding lawnmowers Tree stumps*
Drywall Roofing Windows/sliding
Engines Satellite dishes glass doors

*Please contact customer service at 1(800) DUMPSTER or (619) 596-5100 to discuss options for disposal of tree stumps, which may vary based on the size of the stump. Please do not place stumps in your trash can.