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Recycle Right.

Today’s material processors have strict standards; they won’t accept contaminated loads. Contamination can result in an entire load of recyclables or organics being landfilled. This drives up collection and disposal costs for everyone.

Keep Container Lids Closed.

Open lids are another source of contamination – moisture –  which ruins the recyclability of paper and cardboard. Open lids caused by overfilled containers also contaminate our environment with wind-blown litter. Help keep Lodi clean by keeping container lids closed.

Contamination and overage surcharges are designed to defray these costs and to motivate customer behavior change.

What Goes Where Guide

The annual Recycling Guidelines and Services Calendar describes what goes in your recycling and green waste carts. It is mailed in January each year (download copy here).

Contamination Surcharge

Applies to recycling and green waste carts and bins. Cart surcharge is $14.30. Bin surcharge is $50.

Overage Surcharge

Applies to trash, recycling and green waste bin service. It is $51.49


Tips to Avoid Contamination Surcharge

Follow these simple guidelines to avoid contamination surcharge. Click here to download a printable guide.

Tips to Avoid Overage Surcharge

- Breakdown cardboard boxes

- Place recyclables loose in container - never bag

- Keep appliances and HHW out

- Contact WM for bin locks to avoid illegal dumping

- Increase bin size if recurring problem


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s wrong with putting trash in Recycling or Green Waste carts?

Any material not listed for the recycling or green waste container is considered trash. In the Recycling Cart, food and liquids ruin paper and cardboard so they can’t be recycled. Materials like plastic bags, clothes, and wires wrap around the sorting equipment used to separate paper, plastic and glass for recycling; causing equipment to break and the bales of recyclables to be contaminated with non-recyclables. Manufacturers reject loads of recyclables with contaminants – resulting in the material being landfilled.

In the Green Waste Cart, materials like plastic bags, garden hoses and plant containers get shredded along with the organics meant for compost. These contaminants ruin the compost intended for farming.

Why was I charged?

The contamination surcharge is assessed when trash is found in your Recycling or Green Waste cart. The fee covers the cost of processing and disposal of the contaminated material.

How is an overfilled bin defined?

A bin is overfilled if its lid isn’t sitting flat on the container.

What is the surcharge for an overfilled bin?

The overage surcharge is $51.49. The rate was established in 2016.


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