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Residential Services

Residential Recycling and Green Waste Services

Valley Waste Management (VWM) provides weekly curbside collection of Recycling and Green Waste. From our collection truck drivers to our customer service representatives, we are dedicated to providing excellent service.

Residents are encouraged to follow these simple guidelines to ensure materials are recovered for recycling and composting. 


All plastics #1- 5 & 7
(except foam)
Aluminum foil products
(cans, baking tins & foil)
Clean paper
Glass containers
Metal containers
(including empty aerosol cans)
Scrap metal
(cookie sheets, utensils)
Used motor oil

What's Not Recyclable
Ceramic dishes, cups & glassware
Beverage boxes that are lined in foil
Plastic bottle caps
Foam containers/pellets
Windows, mirrors, sheet glass

Green Waste

Yard Trimmings, such as:
Branches & twigs
Flowers, weeds & roots
Leaves, grass & plant clippings
Uncoated wood & chips

What's Not Green Waste
Cactus or palm branches
Glass, metal, aluminum
Plastic (bags, flower pots)
Rocks, dirt, concrete
Treated or coated wood (painted, stained, oiled)



Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste (HHW) should be disposed of at a HHW facility. Visit to learn more about proper material handling. HHW may be dropped off at the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District's facility at 4797 Imhoff Place, Martinez. Call 1-800-646-1431 for information and hours or visit the district's website at for more information.