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Jupiter Inlet Colony

Jupiter Inlet Colony

You can help the Jupiter Inlet Colony stay clean and green by following these few easy environmental guidelines for garbage collection, recycling, vegetative waste and bulk pickups. For more information regarding your pickup please call Waste Management at 772-546-7700.

  • Set out time is 7:00 a.m., or the night before.



You can set out as many 32-gallon cans (with lids) or plastic (tied tops) bags as needed. Each can or bag can weigh up to 50 lbs. Just make sure the lids and ties are secured. This helps to keep dogs and other animals away, and the area clean.

Curbside Tips

In stormy weather, stack papers on the bottom of the bin. Place bins at the curb, or no further than 6 ft. from the street, so they can be easily seen by your collector.

Please no plastic bags, bulbs or ceramics in your recycling bin.

Only use recycling bins for recyclables. If there are other types of trash or garbage in your bins, we may have to leave them behind.