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Green/Yard Waste

We live in a world in which nothing can go to waste anymore. Nowhere is this more evident than in our ability to transform the yard waste collected from every home.

Green waste will be picked up from April 1st through November 30th. A pre-paid sticker must be purchased prior to collection and attached to the bag. Yard waste stickers are available at the Braceville Village Hall located at 300 S. Mitchell St during regular business hours.

Pick-up Guidelines

  • Must be placed at curbside for collection no later than 6:00 am on the day of service and clearly labeled for the driver to identify
  • Must be separate from garbage and recycling
  • Must be placed in a biodegradable PAPER yard waste bag available at local retail stores that is no greater than 35-gallons and weighs no more than 50 pounds

Brush and branches must be contained, bagged, or bundled and tied. All pieces must be cut into 4-foot lengths or less. Branches should be less than 2 1/2” in diameter. Brach bundles must also have a sticker attached prior to collection.

Shrubs and brush must be free of stone and dirt.

Non-Acceptable Items:

  • Sod
  • Dirt
  • Boulders
  • Rocks