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As the landfill reaches the end of its life, Waste Management is dedicated to restoring the land back to its original condition for future public and commercial use. In order to accomplish this, we follow strict guidelines during the redevelopment process commonly referred to as the landfill cap system.

The landfill cap system is applied to the landfill once it has reached its permitted height. At this point, a compact layer of vegetative soil and natural vegetation is placed on top of the disposal site to restore the land to its original condition. Further aiding the process are gas extraction wells spanning the area that helps to continuously pump gas from the restored land to eliminate surface emissions and control the potential for odors.

At Waste Management, we are proud to say that we are the leaders in initiatives to redevelop closed landfill and Brownfield sites. Across the United States, Waste Management has initiated cooperative ventures with communities, local governments, developers, investors and end users to restore former landfills to active life as recreational and commercial facilities.