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Medical Waste

Used Needles, Lancets Pose Community Health Risk

More than three billion injections are administered each year by individuals who are treating conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis and allergies. Only a fraction of the needles used in these procedures is discarded properly. In the solid waste stream, these needles pose risks to children, waste workers and communities. With three percent of the U.S. population using needles to administer these injections, municipalities are seeking new options for their residents to responsibly dispose of needles, syringes and other “sharps” at home.

Medwaste Tracker SM is a Safe, Economical Disposal Alternative

Waste Management has introduced the complete disposal system designed for individuals and other generators of small quantities of medical waste. Medwaste Tracker SM is a practical, economical way for residents to dispose of used sharps.



The system is simple:

  • Every participating resident is provided a specially designed sharps container, a government-approved exterior shipping box and instructions for use.
  • Used sharps are placed inside the container for safe storage.
  • When full, the container is closed, bagged and sealed inside its original packaging.
  • Residents return the postage pre-paid box to their mail carrier or nearest post office.
  • The box is delivered to the Medwaste Tracker SM processing center where both the sharps container and its packaging are destroyed.
  • The receipt and complete destruction of the container and its contents are documented, and proof of destruction is mailed back to the resident.