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Washoe County - Waste Management


Due to necessary maintenance, the Transfer Station on Commercial Row will have limited days of operation from February 26 to April 18. Please click here to download information including a calendar of days open to the public.

2021 Recycling Calendar Mistake: Calendars sent to residential customers in Sparks and Washoe County during the last week of December 2020 may be incorrect/reversed. Customers should expect to be on the SAME bi-weekly collection cycle that they have been on all year. Calendars indicating a schedule in reverse of what you expect are incorrect. A new mailing is being scheduled for early January. We sincerely apologize for the mistake.

Recycling Contamination Education Program

Customers who use their recycling cart as another trash receptacle hold our community back from reaching diversion goals by contaminating recyclables. Waste Management is stepping up education and monitoring efforts to help reach diversion goals. But customers who don’t clean up their act, could lose the right to participate in the program.
Here’s how it works….

When contamination is spotted in a cart, it is not serviced. The driver documents the contamination with a photo, which is attached to the account. The driver also tags the cart to immediately let the customer know why the cart was not serviced.

A follow-up letter is sent to the customer which includes a photo of the contamination for reference and a list of options available for disposing of non-recyclables. Education materials about what belongs in the recycling cart is also provided. If it’s not on the list, it can’t be recycled curbside. Click here for more information.

  • The first two contamination incidents will result in notification letters.
  • The third and fourth contamination incidents will result in a notification letter and a fine.
  • On the fifth occurrence, the customer receives a letter informing them they have lost their option to participate in the program and the recycling cart is removed.

Click the image below to download a recycling guide.

Washoe County Residents, confirm your trash and/or recycling collection day and signup for service alerts by text and email. Register at  

Waste Management is pleased to provide garbage and recycling collection to the residents of Washoe County. Under the collection contract, effective February 1, 2017, there are many available services. Among them:

- Single-Stream Recycling Cart
- 25 Excess Waste Stickers
- Four trips to the transfer stations in Reno or the Lockwood Landfill at no additional cost*
- Fall and spring excess waste curbside pickup (postponed until mid-June due to the impact of COVID-19)

Learn more about these and other developments in Residential Services

Think Green is not just a motto at Waste Management -- it’s our way of doing business.

Washoe County Garbage and Recycling Collection Rates, effective May 1, 2017

Want to learn more about single-stream recycling and the new service options in Unincorporated Washoe County? Click to download your Service Brochure and Frequently Asked Questions.

* Four total trips per year. One standard pick-up truck per trip. Customers must be current with their bill and present a driver license that matches the service address on the account or their current bill for service.