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Recycling is a great way to have less waste, fewer raw materials consumed, less energy used, and a greener world for the next generation. But making the entire process of recycling work is a lot more involved than just collecting the paper, plastic, glass, metal and aluminum items that residents and businesses accumulate. In fact, the collection of recyclables is only half the story. The other half is converting recycled materials into "new" raw materials or products that someone is willing to pay for. After all, if there's no one to sort, clean, process and ship the materials, and no one interested in purchasing and using them, then they would all end up in the trash. That "middleman" job is being done across the country by Waste Management.

Waste Management's recycling programs include curbside collection of recyclable materials from residential customers, as well as commercial and industrial collection. At Waste Management, we seek to develop recycling programs that complement a responsible, comprehensive and cost-effective plan to manage the entire waste system. To find a recycling service plan that works for your home or your business, contact a WM customer service representative at 1-888-496-8824.

To find one of several WM free, public recycling drop off sites, click here.