It can be difficult to find an outlet for recycling spent lead acid batteries that were used for emergency lighting, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and security products.

The Lead Acid Battery Recycling Kit is a great solution for businesses that want to recycle these batteries, but do not have an easy way to so.  It enables businesses to collect and store lead acid batteries in a single, safe location and send the container back when it is full.

How it Works

Order the Lead Battery Recycling Kit online, fill the bucket, and ship it back.

The Lead Battery Recycling Kit includes a sealable plastic bag, bucket with locking lid, shipping to your facility, and prepaid return shipping label.

Once we have received the filled kit, we will email your Recycling Certificate that certifies compliance with federal and state universal waste regulations. The Recycling Certificate and related records will be available from your online account.

Batteries must have terminals taped or each battery must be individually bagged.
Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine or outside the United States.

Acceptable Materialsf

Lead acid batteries.  Lead acid batteries appropriate for this program are small, sealed non-spill batteries used for backing up power supplies and in exit signs.

Unacceptable Materials

Lithium Ion
Silver Oxide
Damaged or leaking batteries