Businesses are under pressure to adopt better sustainability practices. Customers, as well as local, state, and federal regulators, expect businesses to act as stewards of the environment.

Recycling Fluorescent Lamps is a great place to start. Each fluorescent lamp contains a small amount of mercury, which can be harmful to the environment.  When a lamp is thrown into a dumpster or trash can, it can break and release that mercury.

Using our Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kits to dispose of fluorescent tubes is an easy way to do something good for the environment, comply with regulations, and show customers that you care.

Additionally, participating in our fluorescent lamp recycling program can help you meet LEED® certification standards and provide you with the Recycling Certificates needed to verify that your business has complied with local, state and federal regulations.

How it Works

Just order a Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit online, fill the box and ship it back.

Once we receive your filled kit, we will notify you that your Recycling Certificate is available online.