It's as simple as using our collection and recycling services. As a participant, simply collect your food waste in a separate container and we'll pick it up on a regular schedule.

Preventing waste and saving landfill space are very important to us, and as North America's leading recycler and waste services provider, we've been able to reduce landfill space while providing clean, natural energy for homes and communities like yours across the country. Food waste recycling helps save space in landfills while providing inexpensive compost and other fertilizer products to communities and businesses throughout North America. Waste Management's Food waste collection service is affordable and convenient. We make it easy for you to do your part in taking care of the environment while keeping your neighborhood green.

Did you know?

  • About one-eighth of all solid waste generated in the United States is food scraps. 
  • Food waste and other organic materials can be used to generate clean, renewable energy.

By working together to repurpose food waste, we can make a positive impact on the environment we all share.