Obtaining LEED certification for your project offers proof that you've achieved your environmental objectives and could allow you to take advantage of financial incentives. That’s why it is so important to choose Waste Management as your environmental partner.

We have developed reporting systems that help you comply with LEED reporting. And we know how to leverage the most out of your recycling materials and reuse on site.

Leading you to LEED.

Working together, we can help you achieve maximum credits for MR Solid Waste Management.

You’ll have the best in the business assisting you with:

  • Prerequisite 1 Storage and Collection of Recyclables (Construction Waste Management Plan)
  • Credit 2 - Construction Waste Management
  • Credit 3 - Materials Reuse
  • Credit 6 - Waste Stream Audit
  • Credit 7 - Ongoing Consumables
  • Credit 8 - Durable Goods
  • Credit 9 - Facility Alterations and Additions
  • Regional Priority credits associated with the MR category