Vandalism and unproductive workers can put you behind schedule and over budget. Waste Management's video surveillance system gives you a cost-effective way to protect your jobsite 24/7. 

Our rugged, tamper resistant video and camera surveillance systems help you watch out for crime. They also help you find ways to increase productivity by revealing when workers are wasting time and resources.

These units provide flexible and portable security at:

  • Construction sites to protect materials
  • Public spaces
  • Special events
  • Critical infrastructure; i.e. cell towers, wastewater
    treatment and energy plants
  • Manufacturing facilities

Benefits of Our Video Surveillance System

  • Reduce need for security officers
  • View multiple areas of a jobsite via high quality cameras with
    day/night capability
  • Access video stream of jobsite activity over the Web
  • Deter theft, vandalism, loitering and other undesirable activities
  • Find productivity and safety opportunities
  • Secure physical assets and protect staff and visitors
  • Be alerted quickly when issues arise