Depending on your location, we can offer rentals sized from single stalls that are ideal for small jobsites, to deluxe, trailer-sized stations complete with running water and air conditioning. Whether you need service for a jobsite or for a special event, we have the solution for you.

Single stalls:

  • Single occupant
  • Usually about 90 cm (3 ft) by 210 cm (7 ft)
  • Typically free-standing structures
  • Models include toilet paper and, occasionally, antibacterial hand gel dispensers
  • Availability varies per location

Trailer-sized stations:

  • Equivalent to approximately 7 single stalls in capacity
  • Units vary from 6 to 8 stalls for men, women or unisex
  • Amenities vary, i.e. running water in the sinks and toilets
  • Require a source of electricity, but some units have the ability to be self-sufficient via onboard 500-gallon water storage
  • Availability varies per location