As one of North America’s largest recyclers, we are able to find markets for your unused recyclable materials including, but not limited to, scrap paper products, fiber, cardboard, metals and plastic. Our industry-leading position and established relationships help us leverage material sales with industrial and commercial generators across North America.

Recycling programs that fit your business

Waste Management has the resources and expertise to assess your waste stream’s specific needs, and then create a custom recycling and diversion plan that fits your business. Some programs might include:

  • Single-Stream Recycling allows all recyclables to be collected in the same container. This makes recycling convenient and easy for your employees, which ultimately diverts more waste from local landfills.
  • Bale Routes where your Waste Management rep can work with you to bale select recyclable materials on site including, but not limited to, newspaper, old corrugated cardboard containers and various mixed grades of fiber.
  • Non-Fiber Recycling handles bottles and aluminum cans, as well as industrial materials like rubber, sheet, profile and injected plastics.