Doing what is right for the environment is not always easy. It is hard to find the time to get to a recycling facility and sorting plastics, metals and paper into separate bins is time consuming.

Waste Management makes life easier for you by providing curbside recycling pickup services. In many communities, we provide single-stream recycling which allows our customers to put all their recyclables into one bin without sorting. This approach allows us to recover up to three times as many recyclable materials as in the past.

It's a Win/Win Situation

You have an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment and we can divert these materials from going into a landfill. Together we can turn your recyclables into something new.

Green Machinesm - Advantages of Waste Management’s Residential Recycling Pickup Services. 

  • In many communities all recyclables — plastic, metal and paper — go into a single bin
  • On-time, every-time curbside recycling pickup
  • Great customer service available online and by phone