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Trash, Recycling & Organic Waste Pickup

WM helps Chico take care of business with commercial waste services that set the standard for sustainability.


Mandatory Organics Service

Organics services are not currently available to Chico businesses, but they will soon be mandatory. Check the Organics Waste section for details.

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    Helpful Resources

    These documents contain important information related to your WM services. We recommend you print or download them for quick reference.


    Chico - Commercial Rates - 2024

    City of Chico new commercial rates. Effective July 1, 2024.

    Contamination & Overage Monitoring

    Everything your business should know to avoid contamination, overages, and extra charges.

    Organics Service Waiver & Compliance Form

    Download this form to take the first step in applying for an organics service waiver.

    Edible Food Donation Guide

    SB 1383 requires certain food businesses to donate the maximum amount of edible food they would otherwise dispose of to food recovery organizations. Download this guide to learn more.

    Food Waste Sorting Guide

    Discover what food waste items are accepted in your organics container.

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