Weather Alert Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Waste Management is committed to ensuring the safety of both our customers and our employees while providing superior service. South Carolina is experiencing service delays due to the winter storm.

We will make every attempt to service customers that are impacted by this event.  If your service is not collected this week due to unsafe conditions, we will return on your next scheduled service day.   

  • Spartanburg Hauling – Residential routes will resume on Wed, Dec 12 with Wed customers.  Mon and Tues customers will be collected next week on your regularly scheduled service day.  We will collect extra.  Commercial routes will resume on Tues, Dec 11.  


The following weather-related conditions may affect your collection:

  • Unable to access container when it’s plowed in or covered with snow/ice
  • Container not visible by driver if placed behind a snow mound or inaccessible to the driver to reach safely
  • Steep hill or winding road that may be difficult to navigate during snow or ice conditions
  • No place to turn around due to areas not being plowed
  • Road closures
  • Wind chill factor which impacts the safety of our drivers and proper vehicle operation
  • Reduced visibility such as blizzard conditions, sleet, fog and hail
  • Cannot open gates or access container due to snow
  • Snow/Ice too deep to push container to truck