Retail Organic Recycling

Recycling your food and other organic waste is a fresh idea that can produce both economic and environmental savings. This naturally efficient, budget-friendly disposal alternative from Waste Management can benefit your company, your community and the environment.

Waste Management’s Food and Organic Waste Recycling helps you:

  • Raise your recycling rates
  • Increase diversion rates
  • Choose a cost-effective disposal option
  • Foster a green image among your employees and customers

Success made simple.

Starting with an initial site visit, our experts will work with your staff to ensure step-by-step program success. We provide the necessary infrastructure, including specifically designed Waste Management containers and trucks, as well as the training and support necessary to ensure a successful program. We then transport your food and other organic materials to a special facility where it will be turned into compost, other soil amendments, energy, or other valued products.

Acceptable items for Food & Organic Waste Recycling can include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, seafood (bones and shells)
  • Bakery items and ingredients
  • Eggs and paper egg cartons
  • Plants, cut flowers, potting soil
  • Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags
  • Paper products (napkins, paper towels)
  • Ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese 

Disclaimer: Organic Waste Recycling Solutions subject to market availability.