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Cart Services

Automated waste, green waste and recycling carts come in 35-, 64- and 96-gallon sizes to accommodate your family’s needs. Standard service includes one 35-gallon waste cart, up to three recycling carts, and up to two green waste carts.  Recycling carts and green waste carts are available in all three sizes at no additional charge. Residents may choose to increase their waste cart to a 64- or 96-gallon cart

for an additional fee. Your monthly service rate is based on the amount of waste generated. Residents who generate less can receive a reduced monthly rate. If you would like to exchange your cart for a different size please call Waste Management at (760) 439-2824. Oceanside residents are allowed one free cart size exchange for each standard service cart.


To exchange a damaged and inoperable cart due to normal wear and tear, contact our customer service and the cart will be repaired or exchanged at no charge.  Residents may also exchange the size of their carts one time at no charge.

Overage Guidelines

All waste and recycling must be segregated into the appropriate cart, and all material must fit into the cart with the lid closed. If one or more of your carts are identified as overloaded, or trash is mixed with recycling or green waste resulting in contamination, you will receive a notice of non-collection and collection will not be made. Residents will be required to either clean trash out of recycling and green waste carts, and/or offload the overfilled material and place the carts out for collection on the following week.

If a cart is tagged for non-collection on three or more occasions during a 12-month consecutive period because of overfilling or contamination, your service may be automatically changed to a larger cart size and a higher fee charged.

Keep the Lid on Your Carts