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Sharps Disposal

There are several safe disposal options for individuals who require medication at home that are administered through needles, lancets or syringes.

  • Residents can utilize the free drop off container at the Waste Management Buyback Center or drop them off at either one of Oceanside’s Senior Centers located at 455 Country Club Lane or 3302 Senior Center Drive.  To ensure safe disposal residents are required to place their items in a red biohazard container with a sealed top or in a see-through container like a water bottle or milk jug with the top taped.

  • Waste Management offers a safe, confidential and cost-effective medical waste disposal to several of the communities we serve. The MedWaste Tracker™ provides individuals, companies and institutions a way of disposing used hypodermic needles, lancets, test strips and other small quantity medical waste. Each system includes a specially designed sharps container and a postage-prepaid shipping container ensuring your medical waste will be delivered safely by the U.S. Postal Service to a certified medical waste resource recovery facility.
  • There are a variety of container sizes available for the home user and one for commercial customers. All are designed to meet all local, state and federal requirements. All provide a worry-free, responsible and safe needle disposal system. Order the one that best fits your personal volume of use.

  • Visit MedWaste Tracker™ for more information or to order