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Left over waste from hazardous household products can be found in almost every home. The average family generally has more than 60 hazardous products in their home. Keeping hazardous waste in your home or garage can endanger the health and safety of your family and pets. Putting them in the garbage is or recycling is illegal and puts collectors and laborers at risk. Pouring them down the drain overloads sewage facilities and endangers fish and other animals.

Avoid using hazardous products where possible.

Examples of Household Hazardous Waste

Automotive Products:
Vehicle batteries
Used motor oil
Used antifreeze
Brake fluid
Carburetor cleaner
Diesel fuel
Transmission fluid
Car polish or wax

Drain cleaners

Lawn and Garden Products:
Spot removers
Toilet bowl cleaners
Metal polish
Oven cleaner

Paint-related Products:
Paint, stain, varnish
Paint thinners
Paint strippers


Hobby and Recreation Products:
Photographic chemicals
Chemistry set chemicals
Pool and spa chemicals

Miscellaneous Products:
Aerosol sprays
Flea and roach killers
Fluorescent bulbs and tubes
Mercury thermometers
Mercury thermostats
Nicad batteries