Many communities and businesses across the country are working to develop convenient and cost-effective systems to recycle organic materials. To increase food-waste recycling, we’re working with customers in the food industry to develop innovative programs that are cost-effective and can make organics recycling easier and more efficient than ever.

Food, Yard Waste and Other Organics Recycling

We've developed a network of company-operated compost and organics processing facilities, partners' facilities and third-party operations to manage more than two million tons of organics, converting it to beneficial uses such as mulch, compost and even energy. Just as important are the organics processes and programs we put in place for our customers. We're helping them capture a growing source of organic materials - in ways that make it easy to increase diversion and enhance their sustainability.

2million tons of organics converted to mulch compost and energy

Organics At A Glance

  • Materials Separated On Site

    Materials are source-separated on site

  • Training Success Icon

    Training ensures success

  • Specially Designed Trucks

    Specially designed trucks haul materials

  • Fertilizer Soil Amendments

    Facilities turn materials collected into valued, re-use products such as fertilizer and soil amendments

A Commitment to Organics

We see a big opportunity for resource recovery relating to organics. According to the EPA, food, yard waste (or green waste) and organic materials comprise the third-largest solid waste category. To turn that opportunity into equally compelling solutions, we're pursuing many different approaches and possibilities.


  • Garick LLC

    Our investment in Garick, LLC has resulted in an expansion of our offerings to customers of value-added products created from organics - compost and soils, mulch products, nursery/greenhouse growers' blends

  • Facilities Process Organic Materials

    We continue to develop composting and mulch operations to process organic materials, even working on proprietary processes to capture the energy value from the organic material.