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Cart Colors

GREEN cart
for organics

for trash

GREY cart
for recyclables


Trash Trash


Organics Trash Recyclables

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Keep organics and recyclables out of the trash.  Reduce trash service and save!

To request free on-site technical assistance to assess and improve your recycle and organics service please call Waste Management at 510-537-5500.

StopWaste.Org Business Partnership
The StopWaste.Org Business Partnership offers free technical and financial assistance to help businesses optimize waste reduction and environmental efforts.  Learn more at StopWaste.Org, where you can download helpful guides on topics such as reducing paper waste and green maintenance operations, learn about the plant debris landfill ban, and find other resources to help make your business more sustainable.

Mandatory Recycling in Hayward

NOTICE: State and local laws require your business to recycle and compost Under State of California law AB 341, most businesses and institutions are required to recycle.

Beginning September 15, 2020, State law AB 1826 requires all businesses and institutions that generate two or more cubic yards of solid waste per week (garbage and recycling service volumes combined) to also have organics collection service for compostable materials such as food scraps, food-soiled paper, and plant debris. In addition to having the appropriate collection service, the Alameda County Mandatory Composting and Recycling Law requires businesses to sort their waste into the proper containers. • Organics: Food scraps, compostable paper, and plant debris ONLY. No garbage or recycling. • Recycling: Bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard ONLY. No garbage or organics. • Garbage: Garbage ONLY. No organics or recycling.

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