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WM Earthcare

Closed-Loop Yard Care Solutions
Become a consumer of recycled products. It’s easy. Use 100% recycled, locally sourced and produced compost and mulch in your garden. Close the loop on Alameda County food scraps, yard waste and clean wood scraps when you use WM EarthCare™ products. Nourish your garden while reducing your carbon footprint. Visit or call 1-877-WMEARTH.


Lamptracker Program
To protect your health and the environment, California law requires compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs be recycled. Waste Management offers a simple solution. Collect bulbs in LampTracker’s Mercury VaporLok bag and mail them back in the provided pre-paid postage box. It’s that easy. Available at

MedWaste Tracker

MedWaste Tracker
Help to protect our community from sharps injuries. Disposing of used syringes and lancets in the trash is illegal in California. Waste Management’s MedWaste Tracker provides for the safe containment, collection, and destruction of used sharps. All in the convenience of your home with a pre-paid postage return box. Available at

StopWaste.Org Business Partnership
The StopWaste.Org Business Partnership offers free technical and financial assistance to help businesses optimize waste reduction and environmental efforts.  Learn more at StopWaste.Org, where you can download helpful guides on topics such as reducing paper waste and green maintenance operations, learn about the plant debris landfill ban, and find other resources to help make your business more sustainable.