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Please Remember to Recycle Right

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We want to help ensure you recycle right. We’re providing you information about what is recyclable and what is not. Please see below for more information so you can be sure to recycle right.

Recycling Rules

Here are some easy recyclable rules to remember when you’re discarding items. Please help us clean up the recycling stream! Click here to view a helpful guideline. Click here for a printable version of the recycling guide.

Why Clean the Stream?

If a load of recycling contains non-recyclables – even by just a fraction – that entire load risks not being recycled. Why does it matter? Quite simply, if you’re not recycling right you could be preventing tons and tons of materials from ever seeing a second life. Learn more here.

Tools for You

Below are some helpful posters and flyers you can print out at home or the office (English and Spanish) to help remind family members and co-workers what is recyclable and what goes where. To learn more about why it is important to Recycle Right, visit

Recycling Guide Handout | Recycling Guide Poster



It’s Easy to Recycle Right

Follow these simple guidelines to avoid contamination.




Check back periodically to find links to new videos that help explain how to recycle right and provide information about the current recycling market. We’ll provide links to our own videos and those from other sources that we hope are informative.

WM Recycling YouTube Page | PBS NewsHour Series on Recycling