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AB 341

Legislation AB 341, which is designed to help meet California’s recycling goal of 75% by the year 2020, is now in effect. This law requires California commercial enterprises and public entities that generate four or more cubic yards per week of waste, and multi-family housing complexes with five or more units, to adopt recycling practices.

Benefits of AB 341

In addition to less material going into local landfills, AB-341 will also contribute to San Diego County’s economy. The Department of Resource Recycling estimates that local jurisdictions, schools, and businesses will save $40 million to $60 million per year from 2012-2020, due to lower recycling versus disposal costs. A higher volume of recyclables will also create manufacturing and recycling jobs and help contribute to California’s competitiveness.

Compliance with AB 341 is easy

Waste Management is here to help. Waste Management is working with the cities that it serves on a program to support commercial customers and multi-family complexes in meeting the AB341 requirements. Waste Management can also provide customers with a free waste and recycling assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have limited space for containers. How can I comply?
We are working to provide a number of options to assist with your diverse needs. One of our representatives can help you identify your options.

Where can I find information on AB 341?

Cal Recycle
Read the official bill online:

Will this add costs to my bill?
Some areas may receive a bill for recycling services once your container has been delivered. However, these initial recycling costs may be offset by reduced use of solid waste services over time. In addition, current commodity values for recyclable items are high, so you may also experience some reductions in total service costs over time.

Where to Go for More Information

California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (Cal Recycle)

Downloadable resources:

Tips to Maximize Your Recycling Success
Multi-Family Recycling Poster
Education Recycling Poster
Office Recycling Poster
Manufacturing and Industrial Recycling Guide
Recycling Certificate for print and posting

Other website resources:

County of San Diego website:
City of San Diego Recycling Ordinance information: