2008 Press Releases

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January 12, 2009
WM Issues 2008 Corporate Sustainability Report (PDF, 33k)
December 8, 2008
WM Receives Recognition from International WHC (PDF, 25k)
November 14, 2008
WM Begins Testing Industry's First Hybrid Vehicles (PDF, 27k)
November 13, 2008
WM Donates $100,000 to Support Sustainability and Education Programs (PDF, 16k)
November 12, 2008
WMI Announces Cash Dividend (WMI 08-22) (PDF, 17k)
November 6, 2008
WMRA Recycling Facility in Grayslake Qualifies for OSHA VPP (PDF, 21k)
October 30, 2008
WM Announces 3rd Qtr Earnings (WMI 08-21) (PDF, 51k)
October 28, 2008
Bluff City Transfer Facility in Elgin Attains LEED Gold Certification (PDF, 27k)
October 23, 2008
WM Orange County Receives the OSHA Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program Designation (PDF, 26k)
October 20, 2008
GreenSquad First Waste Management Industry to Offer Suite of Sustainability Solutions (PDF, 25k)
October 13, 2008
WMI Announces Preliminary Q3 2008 Earnings and Withdraws Proposal to Acquire Republic Services (WMI 08-20) (PDF, 102k)
September 30, 2008
WMI Announces 3rd Qtr Earnings Release Conference Call and Presentation Schedule (WMI 08-19) (PDF, 91k)
September 23, 2008
WMRA Commits To E-Stewards Pledge (PDF, 23k)
August 29, 2008
Hypodermic Needles Illegal in Trash September 1st for California (PDF, 43k)
August 28, 2008
WM and Sony Announce Free Electronics Recycling Event in Boston (PDF, 26k)
August 26, 2008
WM Provides Update On Status of Hart-Scott-Rodino Filing (WMI 08-18) (PDF, 20k)
August 25, 2008
WMI Announces Cash Dividend (WMI 08-17) (PDF, 17k)
August 15, 2008
WM Responds to Republic Services (WM 8-16) (PDF, 20k)
August 12, 2008
WM To Dedicate Arkansas First Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plant and New Partnership with Audubon Arkansas (PDF, 22k)
August 11, 2008
WM Now Offering Single Stream Recycling to Colorado Springs (PDF, 26k)
August 11, 2008
WMI Improves All-Cash Proposal For Republic Services (WMI 08-15) (PDF, 34k)
August 6, 2008
Host Committee Launches Recycling Program With WM and Coca-Cola for 2008 Republican National Convention (PDF, 25k)
August 1, 2008
WM and LG Launches Nationwide Electronics Recycling Program (PDF, 37k)
July 31, 2008
WM Announces Partnership with Miami-Dade County to Process Single-Stream Recycling (PDF, 25k)
July 29, 2008
WM Announces 2nd Quarter Earnings (WMI 08-14) (PDF, 54k)
July 28, 2008
WM Reaffirms Intent to Acquire Republic Services (WMI 08-13) (PDF, 20k)
July 25, 2008
WM Landfill Plans Approved (PDF, 30k)
July 24, 2008
WM Announces Hart-Scott-Rodino Filing (WMI 08-12) (PDF, 20k)
July 18, 2008
WM Responds To Republic Services (WMI 08-11) (PDF, 20k)
July 16, 2008
WM Launches Online Compact Fluorescent Bulb Recycling From Home (PDF, 27k)
July 14, 2008
WM Announces Preliminary Second Quarter 2008 Revenue and Earnings Per Diluted Share (WMI 08-10) (PDF, 100k)
July 14, 2008
WM Proposes to Acquire Republic Services (WMI 08-09) (PDF, 36k)
July 7, 2008
Shanks and Wheelabrator Announce a Cooperation Agreement to Bid for Waste to Energy Projects in the UK (PDF, 18k)
June 25, 2008
WMI Announces 2nd Quarter 2008 Earnings Release Conference Call (WMI 08-08) (PDF, 20k)
June 24, 2008
The Big Green Bus Rolls Out (PDF, 74k)
June 17, 2008
WMI Announces the Launch of Greenopolis.com (Beta), an Interactive, Online, Environmental Community (PDF, 62k)
June 13, 2008
WM Announces Asphalt Shingles and C&D Debris Recycling at Williamson County Landfill (PDF, 73k)
June 4, 2008
WMI Named to 2008 World's Most Ethical Companies List (PDF, 42k)
May 21, 2008
WM Named California Climate Action Leader (PDF, 31k)
May 16, 2008
WMI Helping Create 30 Acres of Muskegon Wetlands (PDF, 17k)
May 12, 2008
WM Donates $1 Million in Funds and Services to Support Habitat Mission (PDF, 21k)
May 9, 2008
WMI Announces Cash Dividend (WMI 08-07) (PDF, 17k)
May 5, 2008
WM Recycle America and SWA Collect Over 25,000 Shoes (PDF, 20k)
April 30, 2008
New Single Stream Facility Unveiled in New Jersey (PDF, 17k)
April 30, 2008
WM and Linde To Develop the Worlds Largest Landfill Gas to LNG Facility (PDF, 31k)
April 29, 2008
WMI Announces 1st Quarter 2008 Earnings (WMI 08-06) (PDF, 119k)
April 19, 2008
etGreen South Bronx Earth Fest (PDF, 17k)
April 11, 2008
WM Breaks Ground on New Landfill Gas to Energy Facility in Ottawa (PDF, 28k)
April 2, 2008
WM to Provide Dell Renewable Energy (PDF, 60k)
March 28, 2008
WMI Announces 1st Quarter 2008 Earnings Release Conference Call and 2nd Quarter 2008 Conference Presentation Schedule (WMI 08-05) (PDF, 21k)
March 18, 2008
Think Green When You Clean (PDF, 17k)
March 4, 2008
WM Announces Pricing of $600 Million Senior Notes (WMI 08-04) (PDF, 101k)
February 27, 2008
WMI Announces Cash Dividend (WMI 08-03) (PDF, 17k)
February 26, 2008
WM Thinking Green at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot (PDF, 101k)
February 13, 2008
WMI Announces 4th Qtr and Full Year 2007 Earnings (WMI 08-02) (PDF, 123k)
February 7, 2008
WM Supports Elephant Conservation Initiatives (PDF, 36k)
January 28, 2008
City of Rancho Palos Verdes Partners With WM to Help Schools Go Green (PDF, 20k)
January 28, 2008
WM Launches New Educational Website (PDF, 77k)
January 14, 2008
WMI Announces 4th Qtr and Full Year 2007 Earnings Release Conference Call and 1st Qtr 2008 Conference Presentation Schedule (WMI 08-01) (PDF, 21k)

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