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Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc (“Deffenbaugh”), a Waste Management company, is located in Kansas City, Kansas. Deffenbaugh operate throughout Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Nebraska providing a wide array of services including commercial, industrial and residential waste disposal and recycling, construction waste services and portable toilet services.

Johnson County

Johnson County Landfill has served businesses and municipalities throughout the Kansas City metro area since 1967. Located at Interstate 435 and Holiday Drive in Shawnee, Kansas, Johnson County Landfill provides safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal services to a growing region. The landfill's total property consists of approximately 850 acres, of which approximately 500 acres is permitted for waste disposal. The landfill also includes a separate 27-acre facility for processing yard waste. The landfill is engineered with environmental protection systems that meet or is more stringent than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for municipal solid waste landfills, including but not limited to the following systems: engineered liners and covers, leachate collection and removal, landfill gas collection.
In addition, Johnson County Landfill contains an on-site gas recovery facility that converts landfill gas, a natural by-product of waste decomposition, into natural gas used to heat and cool more than 5,000 area homes every day, thereby providing a locally created renewable source of energy.
Hazardous materials are not accepted at the landfill.

  Johnson County Landfill

Deffenbaugh Industries Headquarters
2601 Midwest Drive
Kansas City, KS 66111
Main line: 913-631-3300
[email protected]

Johnny on the Spot®
10011 Woodend Road
Kansas City, Kansas 66111
Phone: 800-631-3301

Johnson County Landfill
17955 Holliday Drive
Shawnee, Kansas 66217

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
Residential & Commercial Recycling
2441 S. 88th Street
Kansas City, KS 66111
Phone: 913-441-9660