52 Customer Stories

#1 - Driver gets special holiday card

Clayton, N.C. – Read an excerpt from a customer letter sent to WM about Driver John Abrams.

“We live in a great neighborhood and have a little girl who has fallen in love with the trash truck and
the trash man. We wait ever so patiently every other Thursday for him to come down the street, turn
at our house, and stop to pick up our recycling. No matter the weather, we are always out there to see him.

This morning was like no other. We were getting dressed and she hears him coming. Out the door she
goes, screaming “Merry Christmas.” I come running out the door behind her as she hands him his
present (a bag of Christmas cookies, Christmas brownies and a Wal-Mart gift card). She says,
“Merry Christmas,” and hands it over. He bends down and with a heartfelt smile, says, “thank you.”
Keep in mind, we have never known his name. I ask him his name. “John,” he replies.

This is a THANK YOU, a THANK YOU for JOHN, THANK YOU for the smile he has on his face
every time we see him.”