52 Customer Stories

#12 – Employees aide a customer in distress

Buffalo, N.Y. – Recently, a thank you card from Jodie, a grateful customer, came to Buffalo Hauling
in northern New York. In it, Jodie wrote, “Thank you for helping me on the morning of January 15 when
I fell in the driveway. I appreciate your calling 911, getting blankets and helping out with my daughters.
It was very scary and I’m grateful for your help.”

Buffalo has had a particularly challenging winter with substantial snowfall, two blizzards and bitter wind
chills. Tom Comfort, senior district manager, was not at all surprised when he read this note and learned
what his team had done to help a person in distress. 

“We talk about safety everyday here,” Comfort said. “To see my employees react to a safety incident
unrelated to performing their daily job makes me appreciate our safety message. Our employees care
about the customers they service and this incident shows that they care and that they are good
citizens in our community,”

Driver Joe Harden (left) and Driver/Helper David Deuser (right) were Jodie’s heroes that morning.

Editor’s note: As we were drafting this story, we learned that David Deuser passed away on March 16
of an apparent heart attack. The 29-year-old had been with WM since January of this year and was
already impressing the hauling company with his work ethic and commitment to safety. We offer
our condolences to his family.