Customer Story #24
Driver recovers homeowner’s iPhone, credit cards

West Lakeland Township, Minn.   It was a regular working day for Chuck Guy, a 32-year commercial front-load driver from the Blaine, Minn., district. While he was doing his West Lakeland route on May 21, he found an iPhone, credit card and driver’s license in the road that belonged to Gladys Ritter, a resident on his route. She had placed the items on the roof of her car while she went to check the mailbox before leaving for work.

Guy attempted to return the items, but when he found that Ritter wasn’t home, he left two phone messages for her. He then returned a second time the next morning to drop them off. “I’d like to think everyone else would do the same, but I know they wouldn’t,” Ritter wrote in a letter to the editor of Pioneer Press, a local newspaper. “Thank you, Chuck, for doing the right thing when no one was watching. Your employer is lucky to have you as one of its workers and I am certainly lucky it was you, not someone else, who found my valuable possessions.”