WM Security team delights sick children with teddy bear donations

HOUSTON  More than 550 stuffed teddy bears were handed to children at Texas Children’s Hospital on June 3 from WM’s corporate security department. The event,  held in Houston, was the annual Teddy Bears for Tots sponsored by the American Society for Industrial Society (ASIS) Houston Chapter. WM Security also donated funds to purchase some of the bears.

“The experience blessed everyone who participated just as much as the smiles it put  on the children’s faces,” said David Lee, manager of WM’s SOC, who volunteered  during the event.

PHOTO: (L to R), Tina Tucker, security systems specialist; Lida Foster, security coordinator; Blanca Lee; David Lee, manager of SOC; Marisol Gutierrez, security systems specialist; and Taylor Stipe, intern.