By David Murphy, vice president, Innovation and Business Optimization


So, have you heard the news? On April 26, we launched the new, improved WM Mobile app! This app will now allow our roll off customers in the United States to order a pickup right from their smart phone without having to call us to place the order.


Imagine you are a busy job site foreman or scheduler. You see your WM box needs to be pulled and, with just a few clicks, you can now order the pull from your iOS or Android device. Fast, efficient, simple. Just another way to keep our customers on time and on budget which is most important. The WM Mobile app can be used anytime — whether it’s 4 a.m. or you’re on a noisy job site and don’t want to yell into the phone to order a pull!


Hopefully, you recently read about this in a WM Monday article. So, why am I writing

about this? Because it really shows how the world is changing and how WM is changing with it.


When we started thinking about improving the existing WM Mobile app, we talked to our customers, shared examples and listened to their candid feedback. Our customers wanted to use the app to order a pickup with as few key strokes as possible. Fast. Really fast. We incorporated these suggestions into a working demo for our customers to use to place real orders for a few months.


The response was overwhelming: Our customers loved it. I remember one customer telling me that innovative solutions like this is what he expects from WM and it is why he signed up with WM in the first place. How many of you use a mobile device to do some banking or buy a movie ticket, check the weather or check a baseball score? I do and my guess is that a lot of you do too. Yet, we did not have an app that met one of our customers’ top needs — to order a pull. Well, now they can.


In fact, only WM customers can do this because no other waste company has an app like this! We are in the process of rolling this new tool out. We have armed all of our sales and customer experience employees with information about the app so that they can educate our customers.


Over time, we will add even more functionality to the WM Mobile app. We will make it even better. But, as of today, we have a terrific tool that none of our competitors can match. And, this tool is something our customers have wanted and loved it when they start using it. Here is a recent social media post from a customer sharing his experience:


“I want to give you guys a big shout out for getting the new mobile app. We are using it almost daily and think it’s awesome!”



Park Chelsea Crew


How much does it cost to use it? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Its free to use if you are a WM customer. Win-win-win. That’s Transformation.