52 Customer Stories

#41 – Customer Service Week

“Customer Service Week –held Oct. 7-11— is an international event devoted to recognizing the
importance of customer service and honoring the people who serve  and support customers with
the highest degree of care and professionalism. This week was our chance to thank our Waste
Management teammates for all they do every day for our customers. It is all of us working together —
drivers, sales, billing, collections and customer service — for our customers that creates a positive
experience that leads to improved loyalty and retention.

Thanks to all of our WM teammates who celebrated Customer Service Week. The Customer Experience
team managers, supervisors and representatives had celebrations across the country where each day
there was a different theme, like Waste Management Open Day, Professional Day, Green Spirit Day, etc.
I hope all of you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I did.”

Dianne McSweeney
Vice President, Customer Experience