52 Customer Stories

#32 Driver helps recover lost dogs

Katesridge, Wash. This week’s story comes from Facebook and involves residential driver Eric Griffin, who helped bring a pair of dogs back home. Read an excerpt of what a customer posted:

“I would like to give big kudos to our Waste Management driver who picked up the spirits along with the garbage today in Katesridge. A young boy and girl were looking for two dogs and seemed quite concerned about them. The driver was able to share that he’d seen them and directed us to where he saw them last.

After turning around to get back on his route, he was able to locate the dogs again, got out of his truck and called the dogs over until the young boy was able to take possession.

I assume that our driver’s time is very valuable, but the brief time he took to assist these children brought a great smile to several faces. Thank you Waste Management for providing such a caring and upbeat driver.”