NJ driver renders aid

One family is calling Driver Art Lawson a hero

Camden , N.J. – Driver Art Lawson, a 19-year roll-off employee, from Camden Hauling is being
credited with saving the life of a motorist involved in a traffic accident. The event happened near
the Delaware Memorial Bridge when a car overturned.

The man inside the vehicle was seriously injured. Lawson managed to remove and bring him
to safety before the vehicle caught fire.

“He was hanging out of the car and going in and out of consciousness,” Lawson said. “I told him,
‘I have to get you out of there’ because the car was leaking gas. He would have burned to death
right there.”

“We are calling him Jeremy’s guardian angel,” said Manny Monteiro, father of Jeremy Monteiro,
22, the man injured in the accident. “He’ll never be forgotten by our family.”

Monteiro said his son was released from Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Pennsylvania the
next day. “He has a lot of recovery time ahead of him, but most importantly, he’s alive,” he said.