Employee Stock Purchase Plan mid-year
enrollment to begin

Eligible participants can get a 15
percent discount


HOUSTON – From May 16 to May 31, all eligible employees
can enroll in Waste Management’s Employee Stock Purchase

Plan (ESPP) as part of the program’s mid-year enrollment.

This represents just one of two annual opportunities for

employees to enroll or make changes to their ESPP election.


When signing up, participants can purchase shares of WM

common stock at a 15 percent discount. Simply decide how

much of your eligible pay you wish to set aside — anywhere

from 1 to 10 percent.


As a stockholder, you are then invested in the company’s

potential growth and profitability. There are two ways to

enroll: Call the Waste Management Benefits Center at

800-964-3373 (7:00 am to 7:00 pm CST) or enroll Online at

www. mywmtotalrewards.com (you will need your user

ID and password).


Once enrolled, the election will remain in effect from July 1

until December 31, 2014. Your after-tax contribution will be

used to purchase the shares of WM stock on either the offering

date (the first business day of July), or the purchase date (the

last business day of December) — whichever is lowest. That

way, you are guaranteed a minimum 15 percent discount.


If you’re currently participating in the ESPP and want to continue

at your current contribution rate, your election will carry

forward to the next offering period. If you have questions,

including on eligibility, please contact the Benefits Center or

review the plan’s prospectus by logging into mywmtotalrewards.com.