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Security Services offers safety device for lone workers

Houston – Whether it’s at a closed landfill, renewable energy plant, or recycling drop off facility
(among other places), Waste Management has a number of locations across North America that
are staffed by a single person. While this makes for an efficient operation, it also comes with a
risk: what if a lone worker needs emergency assistance while on the job? 

Through Waste Management Security Services, a branch of the company committed to protecting
the interests and livelihoods of employees and customers, operators now have a tool that can
offer protection while on the job.

Called the Loner Safe Monitoring Device (SMD), the safety and security tool is about the size of a
cell phone and attaches to a belt. Using motion sensors within its plastic casing, it can detect whether
an employee has been motionless for a period of time, which then triggers an alert. Unless the alert is
deactivated, a signal is sent to WM’s Security Operations Center (SOC) in Houston, which then attempts
to contact the employee. If contact is not made, emergency responders are notified.

“What if one of our lone workers has a heart attack or loses consciousness while on the job?” said Zack Lowe,
vice president and chief security officer of Security Services for Waste Management. “With this device, we’re
in a position to detect when something isn’t right and then provide aid to an employee in need.”

The Loner SMD also features:

To learn more about the device, including specific features and how to order, contact David Lee, Security Operations
Center manager, at dlee132@wm.com. Each unit comes with a purchase fee and yearly subscription; however, WM
receives a discount from the manufacturer for both. The SOC provides Loner safety monitoring at no cost to WM employees.

“We’re here to support our employees,” Lowe said. “Whether it’s an entire district or a lone worker — we’ve got your back.”