52 Customer Stories

#19 - It’s a first! New WM Mobile App handles
first pickup request


Washington, D.C. – The new WM Mobile App launched
on April 26 and is designed to give roll-off customers the
ability to schedule a pickup request from the convenience
of their iPhone or Android mobile device.


The honor of placing the first “real” request goes to Roman
Durden, project superintendent at Paradigm Construction in
the Washington, D.C. area. Durden, a customer of WM for the
past four years, was introduced to the tool and its remote
capability by his WM sales rep, Nick Fenimore.


“Everything in construction is heading toward using technology,”
said Durden. “When Nick showed me the new app and
encouraged me to try it out, I was open to it. And it’s worked out
great. Instead of placing a call, I can just type in the info, submit
the request and we’re good to go.”


Fenimore adds that the construction industry in the D.C. area is
very high profile and fast moving. Utilizing technology in a
leading-edge manner is something many of his customers are
looking to embrace. The new and enhanced WM Mobile App
provides just such an option.


“You guys are the first ones to offer this kind of tool,” said Durden.


WM’s Nick Fenimore (left) with customer Roman Durden of Paradigm Construction.