Safety Today:
Operator Science Series released to disposal sites

HOUSTON – Landfills and transfer stations are the cornerstone of Waste Management’s operations,
and to encourage safe operating practices at these sites the company will be launching its monthly
Operator Science Series next week.

Used as a training tool for frontline managers, the Operator Science Series videos cover one
important safety topic each month, which is then followed up with one-on-one discussions. This month’s
topic: the Disposal Operation Critical 8 Rules (DOC-8).

To take employees through the subject, WM Safety Services enlisted the help of Charlie Gillian, area
director of disposal operations for the ATAK Area, and Duane Daugherty, safety manager for ATAK.
The two discuss the most important actions an employee can do to stay safe, from always wearing a
seatbelt to never scavenging for items in the landfill.

“Disposal managers and employees were once conditioned to believe that accidents and injuries were
an acceptable part of the trash business,” said Gillian. “This is a watershed moment for Waste
Management — we’re just beginning to fire on all cylinders when it comes to safety.”

Managers should stay on the lookout for the Operator Science Series to arrive later this month.