Green Goes Pink

Ewing, N.J., Oct. 18, 2013 – The GMA’s Team Green Goes Pink enjoyed strong support and exceeded
its own lofty goal by raising nearly $10,500 for the recent  20th annual Susan G. Komen Central and South
Jersey Race for the Cure at Six Flags Great Adventure.

The team attracted nearly 100 participants and supporters and far surpassed the $7,714 it raised for the
2012 event.

“Thank you to everyone for a very successful Race for the Cure,” said co-captain Alyssa Ruggiero.
“This was a complete team effort, from those who participate in the walk, to those who have been wearing
pink every Wednesday in support and awareness of breast cancer, to everyone who baked or purchased baked
goods during our bake sales, and those who donated to our team—we couldn’t have done it without all of you.”

Alyssa’s other co-captains were Diane Fraschella, Kim Freehauf, Beth Katz and Dee Valles.

“I think everyone who attended the event would agree that despite the overcast and damp day, Race for the Cure
is not only a fun event, but inspirational,” Diane said. “It is also fun to interact with our customers who come by
our tent and are excited by our involvement in Race for the Cure.”

Alyssa, Diane, Kim, Beth and Dee said the battle against breast cancer is a 24/7/365 effort and said they have
available information about the disease.

“The work doesn’t stop just because the race is over,” Kim said. “October is National Breast Cancer Awareness
Month.  This is the perfect time to start a new routine of doing monthly breast self-exams, schedule your yearly
mammogram, and remind your wife, your sister, or your mother to get screened.”

“Even if you are healthy now, just being a woman and getting older puts you at risk for breast cancer,” Beth said.
“Finding breast cancer early may save your life.”

In addition to the co-captains, team members and supporters are Lynda Caldwell, Jillian Gazzara, Karen"
Morder-Godwin, Marci Witby, Kelli Brownell, Sandy Ness, Beth Dolinsky, Michelle Smith-Skimmons,
Laurarenda Stanford and Beverly Bertram.

Also Angela Bell, Cindi Epp, Connie Mager, Jessica Martino, Jenna Ruggiero, Gina Arace, Derek
Bongiovanni, Jessica Hess, Robin Taylor, Kara Thomlinson.

Also James Welshman, Matthew Karpinski, Dakota Brown, Vince Acquilino, Matthew Allen, Patty Avellino, Ruth
Blauth, Thomas Barone, Kris Bazydola, Matthew Beck.

Also Bob Birch, John Boran, Nickolas Bourlotos, Andrew Brownell, Suzana Certeza, Aaron Crockett,
Desiree DaBaldo, Dorothy DaBaldo, Michael DaBaldo, Nicholas Damiano.

Also Bettsy DeJesus, Alfredo Diaz, Chelsea Donde, Jean Donde, Amy Fleming, Michael Frascella,
Najeeb Gonzalez, Natali Germansky, Shelly-Ann Gonzalez, Jabbar Harrington.

Also Martin Hancock, Cassandra Hemmer, Julian Hemmer, Tara Hemmer, Tobias Houdeshell, Joseph
Jurciukonis, Marty Lanza, Kelly Lobecker, Don Lucy, William Lucy.

Also Charlotte Manuel, Demont Manuel, John McCarthy, Dawn Miller, Alexander Nieves Soto, Chris Nelson,
Veronica Ortiz, Danielle Olsen, Edwin Pagan, Lisandra Pagan.

Also Denise Pellicone, Nancy Quinones, Leslie Reiter, Diane Ricciuti, Kimberly Souyak, Edward Stanford,
Katherine Sutton, Mike Swayze, Carolyn Teeter, Kathy Timberlake.

Also Gabriella Utermark, Kaitlyn Utermark, Lynn Utermark, Matthew Utermark, Steven Utermark, Tom Utermark,
Susan Payne, Susan Rubinetti, Kristy Scarborough.