Employee referrals just got easier

myWMjob.com allows employees to submit and
track their family and friends who apply for jobs
at WM

Houston – More than 1,000 jobs are open at Waste Management, half of which are for drivers. To help fill these
staffing needs, and reward current employees for attracting the best and brightest talent, the company has
upgraded its Employee Referral Program so it can be done completely online.

Previously, referring a friend or relative was a paper-based process that came with some administrative headaches.
Now, all employees can visit www.myWMjob.com to submit and track referrals electronically. Once a referral is hired,
and stays with the company for 100 days, the employee who made the reference gets a $500 reward.

Here’s how it works:

There is no limit to the number of referrals an employee can make, but keep in mind that all referrals must be submitted
before the candidate applies for a position.

In addition, referrals can only be made for open positions — not those in the future or those that are closed. If a friend or
family member wants to apply for multiple jobs, the employee will need to complete separate referrals for each position.
Once submitted, employees can check the status of a referral from their Employee Career Profile, located on myWMjob.com.

Beginning in 2014, paper forms will no longer be accepted – all referrals will need to be made online. For more information
and official policy, visit the Human Resources page on Visor or simply visit the new referral site to get started.

Have a future employee in mind? Refer him or her today