Waste Management Phoenix Open Q&A

Sherri Knape, manager of operations improvement
for the Four Corners Area

What is your role in organizing the WMPO?

My primary responsibilities are to organize, implement, and manage all operational resources and activities
for the Four Corners MA, serve as the operational liaison with the Thunderbirds, regulatory agencies, and
all other Vendors that have operational ties to the WMPO.

How have you prepared for this year’s tournament?

This event takes approximately 10 months to plan and my planning began by closing out the previous year with
a lessons learned amongst all stakeholders.  I combine that valuable input and build a strategic operational task
list, couple that with several months of weekly calls, continued TPC site visits, and brainstorming sessions all
geared for continuous improvement and operation success.

What are the challenges you and your team face?

Anticipating and building the “what if” contingency plan for as many pieces of the event puzzle as possible. 
Removing materials from a three story structure with only exposed stairwells that patrons are trafficking and
trying to discreetly maneuver the waste removal process amongst 500,000 patrons all while keeping them from
being exposed to the site or smell of waste removal.  

What should every employee know about the WMPO?

That WM makes a clear and unmistakable statement that we are simply the best in our industry, and it shows in
every respect of this tournament.  Everywhere you look you see the WM logo and your WM operations team
delivering operational excellence.