Sustainability Services

By Tom Carpenter, director, Waste Management
Sustainability Services

What we do. Sustainability has been the environmental buzzword for the last decade. Used to reference many
challenges that businesses and organizations face, the term can be as broad and complex as climate change or
as simple as recycling. Impacting sustainability is a true business imperative and the term itself is embedded in
the daily vocabulary of the Waste Management customer.

Meeting the growing needs of the customer spawned a new line of business for Waste Management aimed at
meeting the sustainability issues faced by many organizations. Green Squad was the original name of our small
six-person division within Upstream and our primary purpose was conducting waste assessments for the customer.
Today the group is known as Sustainability Services (WMSS) and has transitioned beyond basic waste assessments
into a strategic advisory role for many businesses.

And while many have grown to know the consultants within the WMSS team as “waste assessment” experts, our team
is filled with knowledge around all areas of sustainability — solutions that have been extremely successful in growing
new lines of business and differentiating the Waste Management Brand. In reference to a recent large win, a Strategic
Account Manager told me “your team is my game changer.”

The market for sustainability consulting continues to grow every year. Currently, we have strategically placed consultants
across many regions who (at little cost) are able to take a strong approach toward building new solutions and entering
new markets. Not only that, we’re able to develop relationships with key leaders in corporate sustainability and marketing.
These relationships, and renewed perspectives, have helped mold our portfolio of solutions and services to include:

WMSS now has solutions that range from strategy and corporate social responsibility to designing products for recyclability
and zero waste certification. We’re targeting city governments and manufacturers with sustainable program designs and even
have our eyes on the international marketplace.

We invite you all to browse our media library at where we’ll continue to highlight these
growing opportunities. In the end, we hope to promote a more innovative approach to sustainability that will move our
customers into the “passing lane” of their environmental journey. Stay tuned for more next month.